Product Details

Salient Features

  • Solar Powered
  • Connected to GSM
  • Automated Irrigations
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Modular design and easily serviceable

Product Overview

The system will be deployed in agricultural farms and poly-houses for controlled irrigation with precision farming, which will result in a significantly improved yield upto 40% depending on the crop type. The system will estimate the next irrigation cycle based on the data available from the sensors, depending on the type of soil, the crop and the growth stage of the crop. The mobile application associated with system will guide the farmer not only about when to irrigate but also how much to irrigate which will help farmers not only to save water but also improve the yield.

The system is powered by a solar cell and is capable of working for 3 – 4 days without solar energy. The entire system is made modular, where each components of the system like solar panel, signal processing unit and sensors can be replaced individually. Height of the system is adjustable and it can be varied from 1 m to 3 m based on the crop height so that the crop doesn’t block the solar panel. Data from all the sensors are logged into a mobile using GSM. The data can also be made available to the cloud and can be used for further analysis.

The system is indigenously developed at one fifth of the cost of commercially available systems. The developed technology will benefit the farmers, agricultural institutes, industries (corporate farming) and research labs around India who are currently using the high cost imported products. Service after sales is a major cause of concern for the imported products.


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